Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4 Days

Hey Guys!

I am now 4 days away from leaving for Tokyo, and it still doesn't seem real.

Here are some more things to be praying for the people of Japan:

Japan has one of the highest costs of living in the world, which makes building churches there extremely difficult. To build a small church in Tokyo, in could easily cost up to 2 million dollars because of land prices. There was a statistic in my prayer book that there is only 1 church to every 10,000 people in Tokyo. So there is a desperate need for fellowship and a desperate need for people to have a place to go to be poured into spiritually. Because of the high cost of living, the easiest way to accomplish this is through house churches:

So please pray that the Japanese believers will be willing to open up their homes to create house churches, and pray that God will raise up house churches all across the city of Tokyo and throughout Japan.

I read tonight on the IMB website that the hope in reaching a people group is that at least 3% of the population will become believers in Jesus Christ because it is said that once 3% of the population are believers then those Christians could potentially have enough momentum to reach their people. 3% of the people in Japan is 825,000 people. 825,000 people!!! That is alot of people, and to think that is only THREE percent! That's ALOT of people that don't know our Jesus.

Our God is mighty to save! And he WILL be made famous in Japan, and those people WILL know the Love of our Lord.

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